Is It Better to Cut Carbs for Weight Loss?

We hear all kinds of reports: low carb, no carb, slow carbs; but what really works for your weight or your diet to get the results you want? Many articles report that carbohydrates are

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How Long Your Vaccine Will Protect You, According To Dr. Fauci

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8 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Your Belly Button

A belly button is where the umbilical cord was attached to our body when we were in the womb. The other end of the umbilical cord is attached to the mother’s placenta, and it’s

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Should You Eat More Carbs?

Honestly, not all carbs are bad. Ones that come from refined sugars and flour do cause your blood sugar levels to spike and might prevent weight loss. Complex carbs like those from veggies and

9 Reasons Why You Should Start Showering Less

In America, two out of three people shower at least once or twice per day. In Australia, 80 percent of people shower daily. Meanwhile, reports show that in China half of people shower only

Going Braless: Is This a Healthy Choice?

A prison for your breasts is how some describe a bra. It can cause soreness or irritation. And unfortunately, many bra wearers are donning the wrong size bra, which then affects your posture and