10 Best Walking Shoes for Men and Women

Choosing the best and most comfortable walking shoes to buy is not an easy task. Whether for travel, exercise or just a leisurely walk, it’s crucial to find the best option for you. Walking is an extremely popular form of exercise, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Don’t let uncomfortable shoes slow you down!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 145 million adults include walking in their physically active lifestyle. More than six in 10 people walk for transportation, fun, relaxation, exercise or activities such as dog walking.

There are many health benefits to walking, including weight maintenance, preventing heart disease and high blood pressure and improving overall mood.

Podiatrists told The Healthy which sneakers and walking shoes they recommend. The following shoes are suitable for both men and women and are great for travel, exercise or daily use.

What Should You Consider?

shoe style comfort

Everybody has unique feet, so the perfect shoe for you might not be right for someone else.

Here’s what you should consider when trying to find a good pair of walking shoes:


It’s crucial to feel a sense of balance in your shoes while walking. Not only will stability provide comfort, but will also prevent injury.

Arch support

The greater your mileage, the more critical it is for your arches to feel supported. Correct arch support will give your big toe joint more mobility and support proper alignment.

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