Baby oil is inexpensive, versatile, and locks in skin moisture, and has been on the market for over 100 years. It has been reported that you can use it as a makeup remover or a shaving cream in addition to keeping your skin baby soft and supple.

An emollient, baby oil moisturizes and decreases dry, itchy, flaking, skin on the outer skin layer. Many years ago, it was used by many a mother for care of their baby’s skin per Johnson and Johnson, plus for diaper rash and other baby skin irritations.

Baby oil contains mineral oil and petrolatum, a petroleum product, which is controversial because it depends on how well it’s refined. It can be a potential carcinogen, for these aromatic hydrocarbons are not well regulated in the skincare industry.

4. Baby Oil Additives: The Good and Bad

Chemical Component

Besides its close to 98% mineral oil content, you should check the other ingredients; lanolin, dimethicone glycerin, propylene glycol, and lecithin may not be desirable for use.

Tara Follew, owner of the beauty site Follain, is skeptical of the use of baby oil, saying, “it is distilled from crude oil, and that it is not only gross to consider applying to your face, but it can also congest and irritate the skin and is harmful to the planet,” Some good additives would be avocado, coconut, almond or jojoba oils, vitamin E, or aloe.

3. Good for Sensitive Skin

Olive Oil For Dry Skin

This is what many sites say, but if there are too many additives, it may contradict the use for sensitive skin. Normally baby oil is a good hydrator, reduces water loss, and creates a barrier against the environment. But so do many natural organic oils, such as almond, argan, coconut, hemp, avocado, rosehip, and shea butter.

These will be more expensive, but it depends on if you want to put petroleum products on your skin which may affect the health of your body.

2. Other Uses for Baby Oil

Hair Cutting

You can use it on the ends of hair as a conditioner for dry split ends, rinsing it after a few minutes. It gives shaving blades a smoother glide over hair follicles. It is good for removing temporary tattoos and even as a paint remover on your skin.

Some feel it is also good for stretch marks. In fact, Martha Stewart says, “baby oil is her favorite way to remove makeup.” It is lightly scented and has a low risk of irritation.

It is not recommended for acne-prone skin, since it can clog pores. It is better to use rosehip, apricot kernel, almond, or argan, which are very light, easily absorbed oils for acne issues.

1. How to Use Baby Oil for Best Results

Clear Skin During Teenage Years

Use baby oil after a shower or bath. Pat your body dry with a towel, and while your body is still damp apply the oil by massaging into the skin, a few drops, with your hands wherever it is needed, avoiding the more tender, sensitive areas like around the eyes, mouth, nose and vaginal/groin areas.

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