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Bunion Pain: What Is It and How to Relieve the Pain

Bunions are a very common problem for older people, but they also affect a general part of the younger population. A study determined that over 23% of people aged 18 to 65, as well

8 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Your Belly Button

Your belly button marks where the umbilical cord used to be The belly button marks the area where the umbilical cord used to be attached, says Christopher S. Baird, PhD, assistant professor of physics

Are You Still Keeping Your Baking Soda in the Box? Try This Instead

Baking soda is a must-have item in most of our kitchens. Not only is it helpful for many tasks around the kitchen, including cooking and baking, but you can also use it as a

Do You Get Stressed Easily? Here Are 8 Ways You Can Control It

We all know stress. It’s something that we as human beings have to deal with every day. Despite this, most of us don’t do much to learn how to control it ourselves. This is

Should You Eat More Carbs?

Honestly, not all carbs are bad. Ones that come from refined sugars and flour do cause your blood sugar levels to spike and might prevent weight loss. Complex carbs like those from veggies and

9 Reasons Why You Should Start Showering Less

In America, two out of three people shower at least once or twice per day. In Australia, 80 percent of people shower daily. Meanwhile, reports show that in China half of people shower only

Going Braless: Is This a Healthy Choice?

A prison for your breasts is how some describe a bra. It can cause soreness or irritation. And unfortunately, many bra wearers are donning the wrong size bra, which then affects your posture and

High Blood Pressure Is a “Silent Killer”: 8 Signs to Be on the Lookout for

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, can wreak havoc on your health without your awareness. You might feel fit and energetic while high blood pressure slowly injures your arteries and damages your cardiovascular

Eating Potato Chips Is More Dangerous Than You Think — Here Are 8 Reasons Why

Potato chips have never been a healthy option for any balanced diet, but having a snack here and there has never hurt anyone. As it turns out, potato chips do have some nutritional value

How Can 100 Days of Mask-Wearing Change the Pandemic in the US?

One of the most significant issues when dealing with COVID-19 has been the constant use of a face mask in public places. Many people have stopped using a mask, and the general precautions to