In general, if a company or owner keeps their spa tub cleaned and disinfected with proper pH balance, then most bacteria will stay away and allow you to have a pleasant and stress-free time in a hot tub. But there are some things to check before you jump in. If you have had a busy week and feel like relaxing in a nice warm hot tub, here are some public or shared hot tubs no-nos to avoid.

5. Slippery or Slimy


Safe spas will have smooth sides but the lining should not feel sticky or slimy to the touch. This could mean there are signs of growth in the water and perhaps it has not been maintained with a proper disinfectant level.

4. Green Water


If the water is cloudy or slightly greenish, it could be from an unbalanced pH, meaning it needs to be sanitized. Cloudy or green water can be from too much algae growth, and probably needs a bromide or chloride sanitized pool chemical. “We often underestimate what it takes to properly run a hot tub or pool and maintain a chlorine level where it needs to be,” says Michele Hlavsa of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Healthy Swimming Programs.

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