Going Braless: Is This a Healthy Choice?

A prison for your breasts is how some describe a bra. It can cause soreness or irritation. And unfortunately,

many bra wearers are donning the wrong size bra, which then affects your posture and balance. Your choice is whatever gives you the best feeling and comfort!

5. Going Braless Is a Healthy Choice

Your breasts are made of glandular tissue and fat. They are supported by Cooper’s ligaments. Their shape and how they appear on your chest depends on the ratio of fat to tissue.

A 2013 research project by Jean-Denis Roiullan, a professor and scientist, concluded that bras provide no benefits.

He added that the restrictive material used in bras could prevent tissue growth of breasts or even encourage the sagging breast look.

4. Improves Circulation and Sweat Condensation

Going braless will increase circulation and relieve irritation. If you are already older and have a high body mass index, have breast sag or drooping, then a good bra may help. There are special bralettes for sagging called “Bring It Up” lifts.

The inconvenience of bigger boobs and summer heat is the sweat that collects under the breast when in your bra. If you go braless, the air can evaporate the sweat faster!

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