How Long Your Vaccine Will Protect You, According To Dr. Fauci

In the short amount of time the COVID vaccines have been available, we’ve learned a lot about them. Knowing that all three vaccines are highly efficacious has brought a sense of relief to the nation. Plus, each has an outstanding track record of protecting against hospitalization and death.

The only question we’ve been waiting to get answered is: how long does the vaccine last? Now, months into data collection, we finally know that crucial piece of information.

According to Anthony Fauci, the nations leading infectious disease expert, the current vaccines will protect you for at least six months. Continue reading for more on Fauci’s assessment.

Protection Will Likely Last Longer
Vaccine protection
Six months doesn’t sound like very much time, but don’t worry. Fauci says there’s a high chance the vaccines will last longer than that.

He explained in an interview with Wired on March 3 that researchers came up with six months because they have collected six months’ worth of data that confirms the vaccine’s protection lasting for that long.

The CDC and the vaccine makers will continuously monitor antibody levels at regular intervals until they find signs that the protection levels decline.

“What you do is you follow people for a period of time, you measure the level of antibodies, and you observe if there’s breakthrough infections,” Fauci explained.

“If it looks like after a year and a half, the antibody levels go down and people start to get breakthrough infections, then we know that after a year and a half, we probably have to give them a boost.”

We currently know that after six months, “and maybe much longer,” antibody levels should still be vital following the second doses of Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines.

Not knowing exactly how long you’ll be protected by the vaccine may cause frustration. But the longer you have to wait for an answer, the longer the protection will last!

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