The latest PAMCo results show Gazeta e Pavarur is the most read quality news publisher in Albania,North Macedonia and Kosovo, with a record 3.5 million adults accessing Gazeta e Pavarur journalism across both digital and print formats on average per month.

Gazeta e Pavarur is the second most-read online newspaper in Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo, overtaking the Express (3.1m) for the third time in last four PAMCo releases, and the GazetaBlick (2.7m), with a 46% year-on-year increase to bring the monthly digital readership to 3.2m readers.

Gazeta e Pavarur also retains its position as the Balkan’s most trusted news publisher by its regular readers at an overall brand level – encompassing both the Gazeta e Pavarur in print and online.

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