The Science Behind COVID-19 Sniffing Dogs

Scientists have long known that sick people can emit particular odors pertaining to certain diseases. This can be a metabolic odor, possibly in the breath, or it can be an odor released in the

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Many with COVID-19 Have No Symptoms

When you think of COVID-19, most people think of a horrific and often fatal virus that causes pneumonia-like symptoms that leave the sufferer gasping for air and often needing mechanical ventilation to live. However,

Moderna CEO Gives a Harsh Assessment of COVID-19

Stéphane Bancel, Moderna CEO, displayed new data proving that his company’s vaccine remains effective in battling new coronavirus variants. Still, he sees a long road ahead in the war against the pandemic. Moderna’s study

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As the vaccine rolls out across the U.S, we all feel a sense of hope for the future of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the possible side effects after receiving the vaccine have caused some

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Two Medications Not to Take with the COVID Vaccine

Since the start of the pandemic, the question on everyone’s mind was, “When will this be over?” Although the exact answer to that question remains up in the air, the end is at least

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