Guide To Choosing the Best Addiction Treatment Center

Deciding where to seek addiction treatment is not easy. With the recent rise of opioid addiction, there has been an increase in unethical practices and deceptive marketing by addiction treatment centers. As a result,

20 Foods Your Doctor Says Will Keep You from Getting Sick

When it comes to your immune system, the food you consume has a significant impact. That’s because your immune system depends a lot on what kind of nutrition your body gets from food. Though

Is It Bad to Pick Your Nose?

7. Why Do People Pick Their Nose? Nose Picking Your nose manufactures mucus that dries inside the nostrils of your nose. The dried “boogers” itch and feel unpleasant. Instead of grabbing a tissue and

Eating Bananas Can Save Your Life – Here’s Why

There are many factors that play a huge role in the way we age: genetics, smoking, sun rays, the environment, and even food. While we can take certain precautions like avoiding bad habits, exercising

Never Get Sick Again by Eating These 10 Foods

What do asparagus, vegetables, and oats have in common? They’re all great sources of prebiotics, which is a compound you’ll find in food that’s extremely beneficial for the bacteria and fungi living in your

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Many women work very hard to appear as if they have no facial hair. Whether it’s plucking, shaving, bleaching, or a myriad of other methods, women expend a lot of effort and money removing

7 Great Benefits of Eating Yogurt Daily

Yogurt has always been in the healthy food category and is a much better snack than chips, candy bars, or soda. It contains a wealth of nutritional benefits. Yogurt is high in minerals like

What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Exercising

We all know at least one gym rat friend. They’re in the gym every day, going twice a day weekends… Maybe you’re trying to be that gym rat but can’t find the motivation. Maybe

4 Health Risks of Not Washing the Bedsheets

Our bedsheets can get icky when you start to really think about it! Most of us can be nose-blind to our own body odors, as compared to someone else’s. But over time, unwashed sheets

When and When Not to Scratch an Itch

A persistent itch can keep you awake at night and drive you crazy when you are trying to concentrate on your day-to-day life. Scratching the area only seems to make it worse because your