You Might Catch COVID

Knowing the risks and how to prevent them can go a long way toward avoiding the COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately, there are quite a few ways you could catch it. The good news is you can take easy precautions to avoid them. If you’re consistent with coronavirus prevention practices, and know the ways in which you and others could be vulnerable to severe illness, you can move through the pandemic with more peace of mind.

Read on to learn 17 ways you could catch COVID-19, and how to significantly lower your chances of getting infected.

17. Not Taking COVID Risks Seriously


We’ve already learned that not taking the threat of this virus seriously can have disastrous results. Over the warmer months, the world started to relax even though the COVID-19 pandemic was still a threat. It got easier to skip precautions. We became hopeful that the worst of it was over. Then schools opened again, cooler autumn temperatures moved in and coronavirus cases started to tick back up at a rapid pace. The risks are real and we all need to take them seriously, now more than ever.

There are far too many stories of people wishing they or their loved ones had taken the risks of this respiratory virus more seriously. It’s not just infecting elderly people. Younger people have become severely sick from coronavirus too. Families have spread the virus to each other at even small gatherings together where they thought they were all healthy and low risk. Knowing that any one of us could become infected helps keep us all accountable to taking precautions every day. It’s sometimes inconvenient, but good health is worth the extra effort.

16. Not Washing Your Hands Often or Properly

Wash Hands

The “new normal” of living during the pandemic includes regular washing of our hands to avoid catching and spreading COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides detailed information for when handwashing is most important, including after handling your protective mask and before touching your face. In fact, it’s best to avoid touching your face, mouth and nose at all times, although that is nearly impossible for humans to do without tying our hands behind our back. Wash your hands often to avoid catching coronavirus from respiratory droplets that may have gotten on your skin.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to wash your hands when trying to avoid catching COVID. The right way includes three important steps. Use soap with warm or hot water. Thoroughly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, including your thumbs and between your fingers. Rinse your hands fully in clean running water. If you don’t have immediate access to soap and water, you can use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. It’s a great idea to carry hand sanitizer with you wherever you go during the coronavirus pandemic.

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